What is NorCal?

NorCal serves Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in Northern California. It is a non-profit, community-based organization that was founded in 1977. NorCal was established by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to serve our community. All members of the Board of Directors are Deaf or hard of hearing, representing a spectrum of experiences. The mission of NorCal is to support and promote equal access and opportunities to education, employment, and public services by individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing. NorCal provides a wide variety of programs, including the “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program.

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What is CSD Unites?

CSD Unites engages and builds relationships with community organizations and stakeholders, working together to widen our reach, strengthen our communities, and create positive change. We work with agencies, organizations, and individuals throughout the Deaf community to identify gaps in services or resources. For this campaign, we chose to support the “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program at NorCal.

What is NorCal’s “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program?

What is NorCal’s “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program?

NorCal’s “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program helps Deaf seniors remain connected to their community while living independently. Trained, friendly and trustworthy volunteers schedule a weekly call to check in on each participating Deaf senior. These volunteers support Deaf seniors in many ways, including:

  • Checking in on Deaf seniors’ safety. Seniors may fall and be unable to call for help; if there is no answer to the weekly call, volunteers will follow up to make sure that everything is all right.

  • Helping ensure that Deaf seniors remember to eat, take their medicine, and pay their bills. Volunteers will follow up if they notice that something is unusual.

  • Recommending resources that Deaf seniors may benefit from, including other services that NorCal provides.

  • Providing vital social interaction and companionship.

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How can you support the “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” program?

Create Awareness of Senior Needs

Share your story on social media and add a hashtag #supportdeafseniors.

Become a volunteer

Contact NorCal on how you can start a Program in your area.

Host a fundraiser

You can create change in your own backyard; host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds!

And, Donate Today!

It’s a quick and easy way to support our Deaf Seniors.

What will this accomplish?

Program outreach to Deaf seniors who would benefit from the service

This program can make a huge difference in the lives of Deaf seniors; but only if they know about it. It is vital to get the word out effectively, so that everyone who needs help can receive it.

Ongoing recruitment and training of volunteers

The heart and soul of “Senior Choices: Friendly Connections” are the volunteers. The more there are and the more they know, the better they can serve.

Dissemination of replicable program model

This program has demonstrated ways to make a real difference in the lives of Deaf seniors. These methods can be used by organizations outside of Northern California as well. Making this happen requires additional resources.

It’s important we are there for all members of our community, especially seniors, because someday we will be one ourselves.

– Sheri Farinha, CEO of NorCal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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